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Affordable Solutions for Small Businesses

My business is communicating your dream. It's my job to create an experience to hold your audience’s attention with visual and written content that connects your consumers to what you offer.


What do you get? Success!

Whether I'm translating your pencil sketch into a logo or your idea into a website. Regardless of where you are in the process, you’ll get the opportunity to communicate the direction and vision of your brand. We will dive into all the forces that put you here, what you envision your brand to be now and how it could be very soon.  My goal is to help you to improve or create your visual identity into an effective marketing tool.

Jewelry Sketches

Logo Design

Just starting your vision?  Let's custom craft the first element of your brand.  

Ideal for professionals and businesses who have a clear idea of what their business will be but are unsure of how to capture it in a single image.

Website Chart

Web Design

Going online? Whether informative or to convert sales you'll have an established online presence.

Ideal for clients and businesses wanting to showcase who they are, their vision, messaging and share their work for inquiry.

Leather Cases


Ready for more?  Upgrade your brand with a unique color palette, fonts, and graphics.  

Ideal for businesses wanting to create a brand identity or refresh their current visual identity. I will work with you to create your brand's full suite of identity assets.

Designer's Desk

A la Carte Assets

Have something else in mind?  Let's explore your idea to ensure I'm the best fit to make it a reality! 

Business card + letterhead + envelope + flyer + menu + brochure + direct mailer+ and the like.

This list is inclusive but not limited...

What makes Dazjon Designs different? 

Here’s your peek into my Play-by-Play Method.


  1. LET’S CHAT - We start off the project with a call to learn more about your story and to share ours. This chat is designed to tell you more about our services and see if we mesh well. You will have clarity on what you need, what we offer, and all costs associated to move forward.

  2. STRATEGIZE - All clients that choose to move forward after the initial call, will start by booking their brand strategy session after the contract and invoice are complete. We will define your brand's vision, personality, aesthetic and ideal client. 

  3. DESIGN - Your interior is taken care let's work on the exterior. We curate a creative and comprehensive brand identity for your business based on your package selection. All visual components are developed during this phase.

  4. DELIVER - Now it’s time to prepare the brand guides, logo suite, brand collateral, and/or website for delivery. We provide you with support guides plus training on how to best use your new branding + marketing assets.

It’s time for you to have a stunning brand to match your thriving business.

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